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Artio FIRE- Power Vinyasa- this will take a similar flow for the week except we will be adding in strength elements, as well as creating new challenges for the body to move. It will be a dynamic class that will get your heart rate up and a good sweaty flow to get you feeling and looking your best

Artio AIR- Vinyasa Flow- This class takes the basics of a vinyasa yoga class and guides you though a fluid and dynamic flow. The class sets it up to strengthen and correct postures, as well as gain strength and flexibly in the body. We will focus on alignment and proper form as well as opening up and creating space for your body to move in new and amazing ways.

Artio ELEMENTS- Hatha Vinyasa based classes that focus on strengthening and lengthening the body. While still challenging these classes will focus on personal growth and exploration. Meditative and sure to leave you walking away feeling refreshed and restored, Artio Yoga is the perfect class to  add balance your life.

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BURN is a uniquely Artio class. It is the ultimate mat toning class. Taking elements of Pilates, Barre, Yoga and a bit of HIIT. This class is designed to tone and shape your body into the rock hard glory of your fitness dreams. Music is at the center of this class and the playlist is constantly changing things up giving you the motivation to push that body to reach the ultimate BURN.

Ballet BURN- This class allows you to reminisce about your pink tight and black leotard days. Or if you never took ballet as a kid it will give you the chance to act like the prima ballerina you have always wanted to be. Still routed in fitness this class combines, ballet, barre and of course some really good music!

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Artio Floor Barre -takes many of the strength building exercises you would see at a ballet barre, and takes them down, down down to the floor. Where you will figure out just how amazingly powerful a seated plea is, where reclined leg kicks allow you to work both your core and your flexibility without having to worry about balance. The best part of the class could be the feeling of being so strong and powerful, or that its a full body workout without shoes and laying down.

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Zumba(MÁS) by Artio is a little different from your basic Zumba class.

The class takes the outline your Zumba class and adds more hot tracks to get you moving, more toning elements to get you looking and feeling your best, more diverse choreography and more energy than you could possibly imagine.This class is full of energy and fun, and will leave you walking away with a full workout and a smile.
This is not your standard Zumba class it is Zumba(MÁS) and it's going to be one fun workout!