Tis the Season...

It’s officially December and the holiday season has been fully unleashed.  With all the music, seasonal Starbucks cups, and your Instagram feed of questionably decorated Christmas trees; there’s no getting around the fact that there is something magical about the holiday season. Hiding out from the cold in  warm bars and cafes, seeking out delicious hot drinks and holiday treats... for a lot of us this is the season of pleasurable little indulgences. But it’s also the season for giving, and luckily I’ve had the opportunity to do both this year!

Pictured: Zumbaing it up.

Pictured: Zumbaing it up.

This year I have been offering Zumba  for the benefit of a charity I have been involved with since 2012.  We have been zumbaing it up for the last two weekends in Ulsan, hosted by the wonderful bar Sticky Fingers.  The Charity we have been raising money for is the SaeGil Women's shelter in Busan. It is a place that accepts all women in need whether they be locals, foreigners, or immigrants. The shelter provides them with clothing and school supplies for the kids as well as job training to help transition into a more stable and independent life. They are constantly in need of donations as they are expanding to serve more women (and children).  Since these these women are leaving difficult situations with their children and only  what they can carry, there is a great need for supplies and every little bit really does help.

Thanks to everyone's generosity our classes have raised just over 100,000 KRW so far. I’m grateful for everyone's contribution, and hope that you've been enjoying taking the classes as much as I have been putting them on. With winter getting colder I’d like to be able to help the shelter get some winter clothing, so I’m going to keep this going through the holidays with two more opportunities to dance like wild people and help out on December 9 and 16


If you would like to learn more about the shelter and how you can help out there is more information  here: https://hapskorea.com/place-refuge-sae-gil-shelter/

Also, if you live in the Busan Area and want to help out more, there are opportunities every semester to help with English classes so that the kids are able to keep up in school despite the move.

If you are not in the Busan or Ulsan area and would still like to make a donation, please contact me at contatartio@gmail.com and I will put you through to the shelter.

Tis the season of giving! May your holidays be sweet, and a bit dancy.

Fiona Van Tyne