Yoga for Boobies


But also Yoga! This month in the beginning of October Artio is participating in the Yoga for Boobies challenge on Instagram. The challenge is designed to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month by exploring many heart opening poses.  

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women (following lung), and over 182,000 women in the US get diagnosed every year. While the lifetime mortality rate is only 3.4% when it comes down to it, cancer sucks, and with the uncertainty of healthcare in the US right now prevention and awareness is key.

Lucky for us there are some things we can do to help our bodies, doctors recommend limiting alcohol, which let's be real, they always say that but they are doctors and do have a point. You can read about alcohol and its links to breast cancer here.  Increased physical activity will have more benefits than just looking and feeling your best, it can help in weight management which in turn can help prevent breast cancer. GO YOGA!

All of this leads me to the challenge, Yoga is a great way for all of us to keep some body awareness and integrate physical activity into our lives. I would love for anyone to join me in this challenge, even though it’s already started.

So let's do some yoga, and of course don't forget to do a self breast exam to watch out for any abnormalities!  For more information about self breast exams check this video out which will not only gives wonderful information, but always gives me a good laugh.

You can follow my progress on Instagram @artiofitness  

Information about the IG Yoga challenge here:


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Line up:

1. Standing backbend 2. Seated Thunderbolt pose 3. Cobra pose 4. Puppy pose 5. Wheel pose 6. Crescent Lunge 7. Camel pose 8. King Pigeon 9. Wild Thing 10. Yogi's choice

To join the fun, follow the hosts and sponsors, repost the challenge flyer and tag at least 2 friends Join in on our daily challenges by using #YogisForBoobies and tagging each host and our sponsors.

Fiona Van Tyne