About Artio-

Artio is a Celtic Goddess of transformation and abundance.  She is known as a very protective and watchful goddess.

Artio fitness is all about transforming your life into making it what you want. Giving you, strength, flexibility and resolve, not only physically but mentally as well.

About the founder-

Fiona has been teaching fitness for the last 6 years, she began with a simple love of Zumba while she was living in South Korea and branched out into Yoga, receiving her teaching certification from Rishikesh in 2012, before moving to Madrid in 2013. She began teaching classes causally and started to develop her own BURN which launched in 2016. She received her Personal trainer certification from ACE and is currently working on a Masters in Public Health. She has been working hard to create classes that are unique and interesting while still being effective and a great workout. There is nothing she loves more than moving and getting a bit funky with things.